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The Mansion of Count Von Spookhauser

24 Nov

J+T issue #4: The Mansion of Count Von Spookhauser. ummm… i’m not sure what happens yet.


Cretaceous= Best Period

23 Nov

J+T, Issue #3: Attack Of The Cretaceous Terror!!! This issue combines dinosaurs with classic archaeological adventure.

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23 Nov

copyright graham abbott 2010

The Feet

16 Nov

Here is a design for one of Jasper’s school mates that ‘s in a group of about seven other characters. These characters show up periodically. This is player number 23, Jordan Bird of Jasper’s school’s athletic team called The Feet. Jordan is a little older, probably in like 8th grade where as Jasper is in 6th.


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Boot Skills.

13 Nov

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I’ll miss you.

11 Nov

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J+T Paper Toys

9 Nov

The J+T paper toys were a smash hit today at the Fisher-Price craft show. I sold them as DIY kits. I made three dollars after breaking even for costs, which I immediately spent on a piece of  pie.

copyright graham abbott 2010

Here are a few links to some really cool paper toy website with downloadable templates. Hot Coffee!